AAK & Vista Foods partner in India

01 June 2021

AAK, India’s manufacturer of specialty oils and fats, has unveiled a new partnership with Vista Processed Foods Pvt Ltd, part of the OSI group, to meet the country’s growing demand for plant-based meat alternatives. 

The country’s meat alternative market is in its early stages, but commercial adoption is accelerating, with plant-based options increasingly common in quick-service restaurants (QSR) and online. In 2019, two separate research studies from Good Food Institute India and IPSOS each found that 63% of Indians were willing to purchase plant-based meats.

Last year the company partnered with the Good Food Institute India to help advance India’s promising plant-based meat and dairy alternative market. After the brand participated in an AAK Academy session, the two agreed to partner.

The two will now collaborate to create products from a variety of different plant proteins that meet the taste and texture needs of Indian markets. Working on a co-development basis, the brand will manufacture plant-based products for customers, with the company providing its expertise in areas such as new product development. The partnership is a major development for a sector that seeks to provide the sensory and cultural experience of animal-sourced meat products but with far lower climate and public health risks.

Entrepreneurs and food corporations interested in entering the sector can work with both companies to develop and manufacture these products at a scale that was earlier unavailable, enabling far greater momentum for the growing industry.