BoxLNG, HoSt sign deal to develop CBG (biogas) projects

19 January 2021

BoxLNG Pvt Limited (BoxLNG), the India-based distributed clean bioenergy project developer, has signed a technology collaboration and investment agreement with HoSt Holding B.V. (HoSt) of the Netherlands. HoSt is one of the largest suppliers of bioenergy systems globally with more than 200 installations during its 30 years of experience. 

BoxLNG is an emerging firm in India focused on executing scalable Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) / Compressed Biogas (CBG) projects, and through its subsidiary ZiPGAS Pvt Ltd (ZiPGAS) holds 14 Letter of Intents (LOIs) for the supply of approximately 150 tons/day of CBG under the Sustainable Alternative Towards Affordable Transportation (SATAT) scheme by the Government of India. HoSt will support ZiPGAS along with its subsidiary Bright Biomethane with a focus on biogas purification.

Indian Government, under the SATAT scheme, envisages setting up 5,000 CBG plants across the country with an estimated production of 15 million tonne CBG annually, offering large and attractive growth opportunities in India for HoSt and BoxLNG.

The collaboration between BoxLNG and HoSt is a key milestone in India’s CBG story, where the partners bring strong local knowledge and project development experience, combined with international capital and technology expertise. BoxLNG will start implementing three projects on the ground in the states of Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra starting February 2021, followed by the remaining 11 projects for 2021.

BoxLNG intends to use the various biomass/waste sources, including agricultural residue, municipal solid waste, sugarcane press mud, distillery spent wash, cattle dung, sewage treatment plant, and food waste, etc. to generate the CBG.