KNPC operates CFP boilers at Mina Abdullah Refinery

26 October 2020

Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) announced operating of all boilers for the Clean Fuels Project (CFP) at the company's Mina Abdullah refinery, which covers the project’s needs of steam needed to operate its various units. 

This process is done through gas-burning operations that take into account the allowed limits of emissions approved by the Environment Public Authority (EPA).

The executive vice president for projects and official spokesperson for the company, Abdullah Al-Ajmi, told KUNA, that operating the high-pressure six boilers enabled the company to secure full production and provide units of the project with steam.

The production capacity of each boiler amounts to 380,000 pounds per hour, which can be increased when needed, to reach 420,000 pounds per hour, Al-Ajmi added.

The boilers are the main artery for operating rotating equipment in the project, as steam is also used in heat exchange operations, he added.

Al-Ajmi stressed that the company has fully relied on its trained national cadres in operating these boilers and has thus been able to overcome many challenges due to COVID-19 spread.

Last April, KNPC announced the completion of CFP at Mina Al-Ahmadi Refinery, while work continues to complete the remaining units at Mina Abdullah.

This project, when fully operational, will develop the company's refining capabilities and enhance safety levels at Mina Al-Ahmadi and Mina Abdullah refineries.