SAIL develops super duplex stainless steel in SS 32205

27 July 2020

Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) in a major technological breakthrough, has developed the capability to produce Super Duplex Stainless Steel in SS 32205 grade at its Salem Steel Plant (SSP). Currently, SAIL is among the few Indian steelmakers which have developed this grade of steel. This grade of stainless steel is mainly imported so far. The Super Duplex Stainless Steel has superior corrosion resistance with higher strength and formability. Due to these characteristics, it can be effectively used in various applications in corrosion-prone areas, mainly in chemical processing equipment (transport and storage, pressure vessels, tanks, piping, and heat exhaust), oil & gas exploration (process equipment, pipes, tubing, marine & other high chloride environments), pulp & paper industries (digesters and bleaching equipment), food processing equipment and biofuel plants. 

All these applications require high corrosion resistance steel with strength, which can be met by Super Duplex Stainless Steel (SS 32205 grade) having a 3% molybdenum. Earlier, SAIL - SSP developed Duplex Stainless Steel (SS 32202 grade) having 0.4% molybdenum content and has already serviced the orders for it. With the new capability to produce Super Duplex Stainless Steel (SS 32205 grade), SAIL has enriched its product basket further and will be able to cater to high-end steel requirements in the country.

The superior qualities of corrosion resistance, strength, and formability in this new grade come through the presence of chromium, molybdenum, and nitrogen in the steel. This stainless steel also has higher yield strength, almost twice that of standard austenitic steel providing flexibility to use the steel in thinner gauges for the same strength.