IOC plans more compressed biogas units in Tamil Nadu

27 July 2020

Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) has planned to set up more number of compressed biogas (CBG) units in the country. In a video conference with reporters from Puduchatram in Namakkal district recently, executive director and state head of Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) P Jayadevan said IOC would be responsible for the compressed biogas and this can be consumed as green renewable energy for automotive and industrial applications. 

“Through the central government’s sustainable alternative towards affordable transportation (SATAT), IOC envisages a target production of 15 million metric tonnes of compressed biogas from 5,000 plants across the country by 2023,” he said.

Jayadevan said CBG is a cost-effective biofuel to the vehicle owner. The state currently has five compressed biogas units and it is being sold through the outlets at the cost of Rs 59.42 per kilo. A small car with compressed biogas would give a mileage of 27km/kilo translating to a running cost of Rs. 2.20 per kilometer which would result in substantial savings in the fuel bill.

Talking about compressed biogas producing plant in Puduchatram, he said the outlet was expected to process about 300 tonnes of feedstock including pressed mud and chicken litter every day to produce 15 tonnes of CBG. “This would be supplied to five IOC retail outlets including Namakkal and Salem districts in this region,” he said, adding that, this plant also would supply compressed biogas to few industries in this area as an industrial fuel.