Siemens signs 9-year service contract in Kazakhstan

15 June 2020

Siemens Gas and Power LLP Kazakhstan and JSC Mangistaumunaigaz have signed a nine-year service contract for two STG-800 gas turbine units in operation at the Kalamkas oil and gas field in Kazakhstan. 

The long-term program includes modernization of equipment, digital services, power and efficiency improvements, extended maintenance intervals after overhauls, and corrective maintenance, said, Siemens. The 45 MW units were commissioned and put into operation in 2014.

With the first major overhaul in 2020, each gas turbine will be upgraded to: Power will be increased from 45 MW to 47.5 MW; Upgrade of the air intake system; Gas turbine control system modernization and upgrade with the possibility to work in different site-specific operating modes; Extended maintenance intervals (x1.5 times in comparison); and 24/7 remote connection to Siemens centers in Moscow, Russia, and Finspong, Sweden.

According to Siemens, this agreement, like all of its service agreements, is customized to meet the customer’s specific requirements. This nine-year contract also includes customer-requested services such as corrective maintenance to cover unexpected issues and an extended gas turbine control system upgrade.