Water security a priority for Abu Dhabi

24 March 2020

Water security is a priority for Abu Dhabi and the emirate is committed to determining the best ways to make optimal use of natural and desalinated water resources, an Abu Dhabi Department of Energy official has said. 

In a statement marking World Water Day, Mohammed bin Jarsh Al Falasi, Abu Dhabi Department of Energy, DoE, Under-Secretary, said that the emirate has ambitious plans to develop projects that ensure sustainable water supply for future generations.

"Abu Dhabi plays a leading local and regional role in the water sector, and the Department of Energy adheres to international standards in all projects and services to provide water in the emirate, most recent of which was the ‘Recycled Water Policy’, launched last June to support efforts to preserve water resources and provide sustainable supplies of recycled water in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi," he explained, citing several other leading projects, such as the strategic freshwater storage facility in Liwa - the largest manmade reservoir for desalinated water in the world.

Al Falasi noted that the rate of water consumption in Abu Dhabi is among the highest in the world due to its desert landscape and climate that features high temperatures and humidity, making the emirate highly dependent on desalination.

Currently, Abu Dhabi has nine desalination plants with a total production capacity of approximately 960 million imperial gallons per day.