Gradiant partners with Saudi Arabia’s SAWACO

25 March 2019

Gradiant Corporation, an award-winning innovative water treatment solutions provider, has partnered with SAWACO, a leading water supplier for Saudi Arabia, to increase the efficiency of SAWACO’s seawater desalination plants. By extracting fresh water from its brine reject stream, Gradiant’s CFROTM technology can double the fresh water output of SAWACO’s existing RO desalination operations with no additional seawater intake or pre-treatment works.

Seawater desalination plants
Source: Google

Over 54% of Saudi Arabia’s water is currently derived from desalination plants making it the largest producer of desalination water in the world. SAWACO, the kingdom’s largest supplier of un-bottled potable water, owns and operates desalination plants which produce over 30,000 cubic meters per day (m3/d). The water produced by SAWACO is essential for domestic consumption, landscaping, irrigation, agriculture and in industries such as oil and gas, petrochemical, and hospitality within Saudi Arabia.

Due to Saudi Arabia’s arid climate, lack of natural lakes and rivers, and water consumption is one of the highest per capita in the world, nearly double that of Europe, water scarcity is a serious threat to the security and stability of the kingdom. SAWACO, witnessing this challenge, sought to increase water production to meet growing demand, but was unable to do so without significantly increasing the environmental impact and capital expenditure. Despite the abundance of pretreated brine reject from the RO process, no viable technology that used brine as a resource for fresh water production existed until the introduction of Gradiant’s CFRO.