Hatsun Agro acquires cattle feed plant in Maharashtra

10 June 2019

Hatsun Agro Product has completed the acquisition of Madhur Pashu Aahar, a cattle feed plant with a production capacity of 100 tonnes in Solapur, Maharashtra. The acquisition and the subsequent modernization will cost the company around Rs 10 crore.

Cattle feed plant

The acquisition will save transport costs of around Rs 2 per kg being currently incurred for transporting feed from its plant in Tamil Nadu to Maharashtra, a company release said.

Hatsun Agro, a private sector dairy company with brands such as Arokya, Arun, IBACO, and Hatsun, procures milk from around 4 lakh farmers.

Currently, Hatsun Agro manufactures Santosa brand of cattle feed at its existing plant, which has a manufacturing capacity of 900 tonnes a day. With the acquisition, the total manufacturing capacity of Santosa cattle feed has gone up to 1,000 tonnes daily.

RG Chandramogan, Chairman and Managing Director, Hatsun Agro, was quoted as saying that good quality cattle feed is a key component of the company’s support service to farmers. The plant will be modernized with the latest equipment and upgraded lab testing facilities.

Image Source: Google