NFL sets a new record of urea production in 2018-19

09 April 2019

NFL has set a new production record of 38.59 lakh MT of urea in 2018-19 with a capacity utilization of 119.4%. This is the 4th successive year when NFL has broken its own production records.

Urea production

All the plants of the company have achieved more than 100% capacity. Of all NFL Units, Vijaipur Unit achieved the highest capacity utilization at 125% and produced 21.6 lakh MT urea. While Bathinda Unit set a new record of 5.84 Lakh MT (114.2%), Panipat Unit also broke all previous records with a production of 5.74 Lakh MT at 112.2% capacity.

The Company’s vintage plant at Nangal also produced 5.41 lakh MT urea with a capacity utilization of 113%. Among the Industrial products category, Nangal also produced 81053 MT Nitric Acid, best ever in the history of the unit.