AG&P get rights to put natural gas facilities in India

11 March 2019

Atlantic, Gulf and Pacific Co. of Manila Inc. continues to expand its footprint in India as regulators granted the engineering firm rights to put up natural gas facilities and provide services to consumers in nine more concession areas. The Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board (PNGRB) in New Delhi announced that AG&P and its unit AG&P LNG Marketing Pte. Ltd. won contracts for nine out of 50 geographical areas in the 10th bidding round for natural gas concessions across India.

Natural gas facilities
Source: Google

In this latest bidding round, AG&P won contracts to build the infrastructure network and to deliver gas to consumers in 23 districts spread out in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala.

The regulatory agency said that AG&P, along with 11 other entities that won contracts, are expected within the next eight years to provide more than two billion household connections for piped natural gas and install 3,578 compressed natural gas stations for the transport sector, in addition to building a total of 54,177 inch-kilometers of steel pipeline. “Further, the entities would be authorized to supply natural gas to industrial and commercial units in their respective geographical areas as per the limits provided in the city gas distribution Authorisation Regulations,” PNGRB said.

In the 9th bidding round conducted in November 2018, AG&P won the rights to build LNG facilities in the districts Kanchipuram and Ramanathapuram, which are both in Tamil Nadu.