Gradiant secures 4 water recycling projects in India

04 February 2019

Gradiant Corporation, a leader in innovative solutions for industrial wastewater treatment, announces that it has secured four Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) projects in India via its Gradiant India Pvt Ltd (GIPL) division. Gradiant will provide end-to-end water recycling solutions for these clients in the textile processing, dyestuff and alkali-chemical manufacturing, and pharmaceutical industries through its proprietary suite of technologies. These projects are anticipated to recycle from 100 to 4000 kiloliters per day of highly contaminated effluent.

Water recycling
Source: Google

As India races towards a more advanced economy, one of the casualties has been the deteriorating state of the environment. Industrial wastewater is a significant source of that pollution, with industries generating 13,468 MLD of wastewater of which only 60% is treated. Industries in the Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME) sectors, as well as larger companies, are not treating their wastewater effluent properly because of technology and budget constraints, along with a lack of knowledge about advanced sustainable solutions.

The effects of untreated water are long lasting and harm humans, animals, as well as the soil and oceans. It is estimated that as soon as 2020, India will be a water-stressed country and up to 21 Indian cities will run out of groundwater.

Since inception in early 2018, the GIPL team has made substantial headway with a significant list of potential projects in the pipeline and a full team of sales, business development, and project management in place with offices in both Chennai and Ahmedabad.