Waste water treatment plant at Pune railway station

04 February 2019

Waste water treatment plant was installed at railway station in Maharashtra’s Pune. The need and importance of Water Management and conservation has always played an important part in the environment. Every industry or department has been trying its best to ensure that water should be resourced in the best possible way.

Waste water treatment plant
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The Indian Railways has also started it at different places in the country. Pune is one such place where Waste Water Treatment Plant has made its impact and shown its resourceful utility. The process of waste water treatment is very resourceful. Initially, the dirty or waste water is collected in the collection cum Equilisation tank, after which it goes through the process of purification for reuse. The process includes passing through certain tanks, cleansing, separation of particles, chlorination and then the treatment process before the final purification or recycling process in completed.

The end product may not be portable for consumption purposes but can be certainly re-used for washing and cleaning purposes. The Railways has outsourced staff for the maintenance of the plant. The Divisional Railway Manager visits the plant to oversee the progress and a Senior Divisional manager has been appointed to ensure inspection and smooth functioning of the plant.